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Activists ask Al Gore to get real about the role of animal agriculture in climate change

July 2011 – As Al Gore is preparing to launch his “Climate Reality Project,” a group of activists is asserting that he is ignoring the reality of animal agriculture’s impact on climate change. They have set out to solicit video messages to Al Gore to ask him to make the elimination or reduction of animal foods a key point in his message to highlight this important and simple step anyone can take to greatly reduce their environmental footprint. According to the United Nations, animal agriculture is responsible for more greenhouse gas emissions than all modes of transportation combined!

Dubbed “Operation Missing Link” by its organizers, the project aims to have at least 10,000 video messages from people all over the world for Al Gore by the time Climate Reality Project launches on September 14.

“People look to leaders like Al Gore for solutions,” said Kamal Prasad, one of the organizers of Operation Missing Link. “While solar panels and electric cars are great, they are outside the budgets of most people. But, everyone can change their diet, do it immediately and make a bigger impact than buying a new car. That simple message is getting lost in the rush to renewable energies, which require large investments of time, energy and money.”

According to Prasad, Al Gore is aware of animal agriculture’s high emissions of greenhouse gases but will not broach the subject unless he is questioned about it. By maintaining this silence, Gore is keeping from his supporters the one bit of information that can significantly help the fight against global warming on a large scale.

Indeed, as governments and industries struggle over regulations and how best to usher in the age of renewable energy, every day without action moves us closer to the tipping point of no return. By moving to a plant-based diet, one can take charge of their carbon footprint now, rather than waiting for the day when they will be able to afford solar panels or electric cars.

Even with tax breaks and rebates, these technologies cost more out of pocket for anyone looking to lessen their environmental impact. And, given the financial crises that economies around the world are facing, it is doubtful that these financial incentives will last long. As the planet experiences more frequent extreme weather events, it is even more imperative that solutions, which can be implemented now by as many people as are willing to act, be openly and actively discussed.

“By refusing to talk about animal agriculture, Mr. Gore is disregarding people who would be willing to make the change, provided they had all the information,” said Prasad. “Operation Missing Link hopes to change that.”

Anyone interested in finding out more or participating in Operation Missing Link is encouraged to visit


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