What to do?

I honestly believe that the role I can most usefully play is to change the minds of the American people. - Al Gore

What to do?

The simplest thing one can do to support Operation Missing Link is to sign the online petition found at http://www.thepetitionsite.com/1/al-gore-animal-agriculture-and-climate-change/.

We are also asking people all over the world to create short videos, petitioning Mr. Gore to start openly talking about the part our insatiable appetite for animal products is playing in the destruction of our planet.

If you are unable to make a video, please consider submitting a photo petition. Very simply, a photo petition is a picture of you holding up a sign that reads your message to Al Gore. To view examples, please visit Op_ML Photo Petitions.

If we get enough people to participate perhaps we can get Mr. Gore to start seriously addressing animal farming sources of climate change and how people can stop or slow down climate change by eliminating or reducing their consumption of animal products.

The secondary goal of Operation Missing Link is to raise media's attention on this matter. Video petitions are uncommon and if we were to be successful in our efforts to gather a sufficient number of videos, we will get the media's attention, who will be able to use selected clips for their news segments about Operation Missing Link. This way, we will be able to get our message about animal agriculture's harmful effect on the environment to an even larger audience.

Operation Missing Link is not about criticizing Mr. Gore. It is not about getting him to stop eating animals.

Operation Missing Link is about getting Mr. Gore to include the role of farm animals in climate change in his lectures and writings. As an authority figure, people listen to him. If he were to say that we can greatly reduce our environmental impact by eliminating or reducing our consumption of animal products, people will pay attention and, hopefully, they will act.

It is easy to be cynical and think nothing will come of Operation Missing Link. But we won’t know if we don’t try.

Who should participate?

  • Everyone who cares about climate change and/or animal rights.
  • Individuals.
  • Couples.
  • Kids.
  • Parents.
  • Parents and kids.
  • Grandparents.
  • Grandparents and kids.
  • Parents-to-be.
  • Friends.
  • Siblings, etc.

An Inconvenient Truth reached millions of people with the message that the climate crisis is threatening the future of human civilization and that it must and can be solved. - Al Gore

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